2 = rehearsal, pre-enactment, modelling exercise, run-through.
Ex. For a storyteller preparation is like rehearsal for an orchestra; there will be passages that need emphasis, and some that need a slow pace, others that need a quickened tempo, and so on = La preparación de un narrador de cuentos es como el ensayo de una orquesta; habrá pasajes que necesiten énfasis, otros un ritmo lento, otros un ritmo acelerado, etcétera.
Ex. And literature is part of that essential human behavior; it engages us in pre-enactments and re-enactments.
Ex. The modelling exercise would indicate which model was most economic and which was most cost-effective.
Ex. This article will provide a brief run-through of some strategies for giving staff and users what they need and expect.
* aprender por el método de ensayo y error = learn by + trial and error.
* ensayo clínico = clinical trial, clinical test.
* ensayo controlado = controlled trial.
* ensayo doble ciego = double-blind research study.
* ensayo general = dress rehearsal.
* ensayo nuclear = nuclear weapons testing.
* ensayo piloto = pilot trial.
* por el método de ensayo y error = by trial and error, trial and error.

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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